BullDog - XMAS Gift Set - Papery.Art
BullDog - XMAS Gift Set - Papery.Art
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BullDog - XMAS Gift Set

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【BullDog Gift Set】  

Regular $219 (worth $359) includes:

MASKfolio S [ Frenchie ] X 1 ($60)

Graphi Tote - Animals | French BullDog | Black X 1 ($299)

Premium $329 (worth $557) includes: 

[ The Estimated Delivery Time for Pre-order Items : End of November ]  

Paper Botanics* X 1 ($198) (*The colors will be offered on a random basis and are non-refundable nor exchanged.)

MASKfolio S [ Frenchie ] X 1 ($60)

Graphi Tote - Animals | French BullDog | Black X 1 ($299)



Looking for a way to safely store your mask while you eat?
The MASKfolio by PAPERY is a reusable mask folio for temporary mask storage. Washable kraft paper is free of harmful substances, and FSC and OEKO-TEX certified. This material makes the MASKfolio light, water repellent, durable, and reusable so that we no longer rely on plastic products!

用餐時, 你有需要尋找暫存口罩的方法嗎?
PAPERY出品的MASKfolio是可重複使用的口罩伴侶,可用於暫時存放口罩及防止二次污染! 水洗牛皮紙的疏水特性,讓口罩既輕巧,又耐用,能多次循環再用,讓我們不再依靠塑膠產品,絕對是"環保生活潮流"之首選!

Key Features / 產品特點 :
Easily cleaned /容易清洗
Reusable /可重覆使用
Water repellent /疏水物料
Secure mask locking system /獨有的口罩固定設計
Fits most surgical masks /適用於外科口罩

Remarks 備注 :
Suitable for adults and children /適合成人和兒童使用
Please sterile the folio before use /使用前請消毒

Dimension :
MASKfolio S = 11 X 10.5cm

Materials :
Cover: Washable Kraft Paper

Inner: PET

【Graphi Tote】
Product Details:

Hand-sewn, double stitched
High quality print with many styles of graphic designs
Amazing everyday and beach bag
Light weight, durable, water repellent

Body : Washable Kraft Paper
Handle : PU Leather
Dimensions / Weight:

W 530 x H 280 x D 135 mm / 180g

Maximum Loading: 5kg


【Paper Botanics】
Product Details:

Whether you are looking for the finishing touch to your desk or a magical addition to your window display. Our Mini Christmas tree is the perfect piece! This elegant little tree goes perfectly with micro LED lights for a Christmas sparkle. Pair with our Christmas essential oil blend to get the wonderful aroma of the holidays infused throughout your home!

  • Packaging and tree made from recycled materials (the color is unique*)
  • CHU Aromatherapy Special Christmas essential oil blend  "Mulled Cider" aroma included **
  • 10 low power LED lights

*The colors will be offered on a random basis and are non-refundable nor exchanged.

**Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner. Keeping in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Roughly 15% of the paper used by the printing industry ends up as waste. Paper waste can be divided into white waste and printed waste. White waste consists of paper wasted before printing, like reel wrappings, damaged sheets, etc. Printed waste is mainly produced in the make-ready stage, such as test prints, faulty prints, etc.

In making this Christmas tree, we have carefully selected paper waste based on its paper types, grade, and colours - from misprinted children’s books, to leftover fancy paper for a luxury wine packaging. The outer packaging is made with rPET, which is recycled PET plastic that is used to make plastic bottles and food containers.

The design concept behind this tree is to encourage people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Everyone can do their part to keep as much material out of the landfill as possible. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, the Paper Botanics Christmas tree is a creative and sustainable alternative to bring a little festive cheer to your house!