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HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory local innovation: GERMAGIC Smart Antimicrobial Microcapsules
30 Days kills 99.9% of Virus, Bacteria and Fungi
Effective to eliminate Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Remove Odors

GERMAGIC uses microcapsules formed by antimicrobial polymer to enhance the coating’s contact killing and release killing abilities to kills 99.9%* of bacteria, viruses and fungi, stay active for up to 30 days.

- Non-toxin, Non-alcohol formulation. With highly purified water, safe for skin
- Combines germicidal thyme essential oil, instantly removes odors and long-lasting antimicrobial protection.
- Can be sprayed on the surface of objects (shoes & socks, carpets, furniture, curtain, toilets, rubbish bins and cars…)
- Tested by skin safety, acute inhalation safety and acute oral toxicity safety


香港科大- 捷和聯合實驗室本地創科: GERMAGIC 「微膠囊長效殺菌塗層技術」
30天長效殺滅99.9% *「病毒、細菌及真菌」
更有效殺滅新型冠狀病毒**, 瞬間去除異味

• 不含毒素、不含酒精、不含有害物、採用醫學級純淨水可安心使用。
• 不需要過水,可直接噴塗 鞋襪、地顫、傢俬、厠所、垃圾箱、車廂等等……..
• 添加天然百里香精油抗菌成份,能瞬間去除細菌引致的臭味,殺滅有害細菌。
• 安全不刺激, 適合任何人士使用 (兒童都可安心使用)。
• 通過安全測試: 對皮膚無害、 吸入安全、 口毒安全。

GERMAGIC PROSHIELD Disinfectant Deodorizer 30D 50ML

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  • - Recommend pre-cleaning the area of application so that our coating can firmly attach onto the desired area instead of debris laying on top of the area.
    - Spray directly at least 15-20cm away.
    - Spray 3-5 times on surface until covered with mist.
    - Leave it to dry naturally
    - To ensure adequate protection, reapply adequate protection, reapply spray process every 30 days and immediately after cleansing.
    - Use water for daily cleaning after spray and avoid using alcohol or detergents


    (1) 使用前先清潔物件表面。
    (2) 保持15-20厘米距離噴於任何接觸表面。
    (3) 均匀噴於在物件表面約3-5次,直到被噴霧覆蓋, 待10分鐘後讓表面自然風乾。
    (4) 為確保持續消毒殺菌防護, GERMAGIC建議須每30天再噴塗一次,特别是清潔之後便要噴塗。