A limited-edition collaboration with Hong Kong brand Papery, the Birds and the Bees Maskfolio is a stylish and convenient envelope to place your masks and other daily essentials when out and about. This print brings the buzzing of bees and the chirping of birds to life. A garden entwined with bright florals and a pastel glow


Made using craft paper which is composed of cellulose fibres and natural oils. Each maskfolio is super lightweight making it convenient to carry on hand or tucked in your purse. On top of that, it is both washable and biodegradable, a paper product that is kind to the planet. This product will only be available in limited quantities.


Key Features / 產品特點 :

  • Easily cleaned /容易清洗
  • Reusable /可重覆使用
  • Water repellent /疏水物料
  • Secure mask locking system /獨有的口罩固定設計

  • Fits most surgical masks /適用於外科口罩


Remarks 備注 :

  • Suitable for adults and children /適合成人和兒童使用
  • Please sterile the folio before use /使用前請消毒

MASKfolio [Maeli Studios - Birds and the Bees]

  • 11 x 21cm

  • Cover: Washable Craft Paper

    Inner: PET