🌐 Complimentary local delivery for orders over HK$200

QR Code Scan to pay


  1. Please indicate [Papery] [Order Number] and [Phone Number]
  2. Please send the payment record to us thru FB Messenger or IG Direct
  3. The parcel will be sent out upon in receipt of your payment


  1. 備註請註明【Papery】【訂單編號】及【電話號碼】
  2. 於訂單完成後, 請透過FB Messenger 或 IG Direct發送相關憑證給我們核實
  3. 確認收款後, 本公司會盡快寄出產品

Use PayMe to scan below QR code


Press the link below to pay (in use of mobile only)
Pay by PayMe

以手機直接打開應用程式付費 (只適用在手機打開)


Use WeChat to scan below QR code

Scan QR to pay (in use of desktop only)
Open WeChat APP, select “Discover”, tap “Scan” to open up the camera and scan the code
Open in a new browser
(For Mainland customer, the currency rate is HKD1=RMB1)

使用QR付款 (只適用在電腦打開)
打開WeChat APP, 然後到”發現”, 按”掃描”, 然後掃描QR碼
(有關中國客戶, 本公司兌換率為HKD1=RMB1)