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Instructions - PEThouse Stool

Assembly Instructions

PEThouse Stool


Product Specifications:

Retaining Plate X 2
Leg Plate X 3
Clamp Plate X1
Base Plate X 2
Cover X 1



1. Insert 2 retaining plates into the gray leg plate.
2. Insert 2 colored leg plates into the retaining plates.
3. Fold the clamp plate along the crease line.
4. Insert the clamp plate facing down into the retaining plates and leg plates to complete the support part.
5. Fold the 2 base plates along the crease line to form a box shape.
6. Place the folded 2 base plates into the bottom of the support.
7. Spread out the cover and put on the top of the support part by aligning it with the cutout position of the support part.
8. Complete.