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ARprinT [Cang Yuan - Life Is A Breeze] - Papery.Art

ARprinT [Cang Yuan - Life Is A Breeze]

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Life Is A Breeze

In this work, Cang Yuan tries to ask, is space also a form? Can illusion become structure?

The space in this painting is the Cang's subjective space, a new space. Also represents his rebellion against the geometric space, against that the real world is a single reality. The space in the work is primordial, naturally constructed and formed by the uncertainties of consciousness.

The "breeze" in the painting does not come from the feelings from the real world. But from the feelings of the artist’s body and consciousness. An innate feeling from the artist.


Printing Format 

Paper : Premium white cardboard  


Frame : Brushed aluminum (Black)  



Size of frame & printing area : 

 - Frame  : 36.5 X 36.5 cm (Frame Width : ~0.7cm) 

 - Printing area : 26.3 X 26.3 cm