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ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]
ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]
ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]
ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]
ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]

ionWallet [Disney 100 - Mickey]

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Celebrate Disney's 100th Anniversary with PAPERY!

PAPERY teams up with Good Moment for an exclusive collaboration, bringing you a range of sustainable and eco-friendly Disney goodies!  Featuring all your favorite characters, these fashionable items are designed to add joy and playfulness to your life as we celebrate Disney100th Anniversary!

Disney 100th card holder wallet ionWallet

Small in size, big in capacity! The ionWallet is made with Papery’s proprietary ionTEX – an eco-friendly washable kraft paper laminated with RPET fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) infused with SILVADUR™ 930 Flex silver ion that kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria.  All these materials have met international certification standards in antibacterial, environmental protection and safety (EPA, BPD, OEKO-TEX, Blue sign, and JIS etc).  Where style meets functionality, PAPERY’s ionWallet is a multi-function accessory that keeps your personal belongings stylishly organized and virus free!

Each Disney character has its own eye-catching color scheme, showcasing its delightful charm and joining you in creating this season's sustainable fashion trend!

  • Proprietary antimicrobial ionTEX lining (RPET x SILVADUR™️ 930 Flex) 
  • Made with Washable Kraft Paper (Eco leather)
  • Durable & lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • 4 compartments. Fit notes, cards, and coins easily
  • Minimalistic unisex design


Disney 100th Mickey card holder wallet ionWallet

License by: Good Moment


W12 x L8.5 (cm)


| T&C |

- Washable kraft paper is a type of vegan leather that looks like animal leather but is more eco-friendly and lightweight. Washable kraft paper also contains unique natural patterns and wrinkles. It softens, crinkles, stretches and mellows with use - all of which are leather-like properties.
- Photos may differ from the actual item due to differences in lighting/angles during photography, and are for reference only.
- Washable kraft paper is extensible. All product sizes are manually measured and are for reference only.