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MASKfolio [AsviivsA - Cosmetic Cindy] - Papery.Art
MASKfolio [AsviivsA - Cosmetic Cindy] - Papery.Art

MASKfolio [AsviivsA - Cosmetic Cindy]

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PAPERY X Mountains and Seas Studio Company

PAPERY X Mountains and Seas Studio Company - AsviivsA Art Maskfoilio collection is now available at PAPERY! A stylish and sustainable way to store your masks with this crossover collection of eco-friendly mask folders.

6 iconic art creations from AsvilvsA, a talented Hong Kong designer, - "CA$H", "Cindy adventures in the world of Mountains and Seas", “Cosmetic Cindy”, “Kyuubi No Sentai”, “Technological Civilization” and "Eyesight" are turning into eye-catching printed Makfolios, bringing your daily into the mystical dimension world!

Cosmetic Cindy

Every girl is the master of her universe, possessing superpowers with the magical color wand in her hand, changing her hair styles at will to match the various clothes styles from her wardrobe. Feeling good every day, she is radiating beauty with the vibrant colors.


About Mountains and Seas Studio Company...

“We Create Our Own Style”

Mountain and Seas Studio (山海工房) is a cross-media project developer founded by the partnership of experienced artists in various fields. Pulling inspirations from the first Classical Mythology Text of the Ancient East, Shanhaijing (山海經), we use its Mountains, Rivers, Seas, Beasts, Mythical Worships and Witchcrafts to convey the brand belief of persistence, the visual impact of dark and magical color contrast, and the aesthetic appearance of sexy and seductive silhouette. Integrating ancient and modern cultures of China and countries around the world, we bring out unique, playful matching style and individualistic nature of the brand, creating a new generation of disruptive and non-traditional real and virtue design and fashion brand.

About AsviivsA Hong Kong...

An Artist, Entrepreneur, and American culture lover, AsviivsA was first exposed to hip-hop music and art culture in the millennium during his study in Los Angeles, where he graduated from the world-renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) with a degree in art and fashion design. Working extensively in the clothing and art industry in the United States, China and Hong Kong, he once painted giant graffiti works for the X-Game Vision X project in Hong Kong. Combining inspirations from Shanhaijing with his own creativity, adding personal favorite anime characters, incorporating the concept of clothing design, AsviivsA redefines the new artistic style where East meets West.


About MASKfolio...

Looking for a way to safely store your mask while you eat?

The MASKfolio by PAPERY is a reusable mask folio for temporary mask storage. Washable kraft paper is free of harmful substances, and FSC and OEKO-TEX certified. This material makes the MASKfolio light, water resistant, durable, and reusable so that we no longer rely on plastic products! One-stop personalization service for you to create your own stylish MASKfolio.

Key Features  :

  • Easily cleaned 
  • Reusable 
  • Water resistant
  • Secure mask locking system
  • Fits most surgical masks

Remarks  :

  • Suitable for adults and children 
  • Please sterile the folio before use 

Dimension :

11 x 21cm

Materials :

Cover: Washable Kraft Paper

Inner: PET