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Omni Pouch [Cover - Marble White] - Papery.Art

Omni Pouch [Cover - Marble White]

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Product Details: 

Omni Pouch  [Cover]


Minimal yet chic! The Omni Pouch is a stylish yet practical way to accessorize and flaunt your style.
Made with washable kraft paper and PAPERY’s proprietary ionTEX – silver ion infused fabric that kills of virus and odors, the handcrafted pouch comes with a changeable sleeve, you can remodel your pouch’s looks to suit your mood.

✅ 100% handcrafted
✅ Detachable sleeve to “Create Your Own” design
✅ Proprietary ionTEX virus killing fabric
✅ Made with washable kraft paper, sustainable, durable, and water resistant
✅ Flip top magnetic closure


PAPERY 首創 ionTEX 功能布,

PAPERY 首創 ionTEX 功能布料作為布材,
以SILVADUR™️ 930 FLEX 銀離子技術 加入到
環保 + 長效抗菌



ionTEX 銀離子抗菌環保布






Materials :

Washable kraft paper (cover) ; ionTEX (inner)