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Omni Pouch [Rope - Olive] - Papery.Art

Omni Pouch [Rope - Olive]

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Omni Pouch - Rope

A modern, trendy and technical rope. Essential for holding your bag, camera, or phone, this versatile rope is convenient to carry wherever you go. A comfortable 6mm width helps it sit comfortably on your shoulder while the removable rose gold lock at the end keeps your items safe, making this rope a stylish addition to any bag. This rope is a great accessory and can be used to take your normal day-to-day with you.


  • Easy Adjustable Length Strap
  • Removable / Exchangeable
  • 6mm width to offer comfort with heavy load
  • Secured rose gold lock
  • Compatible with Phone, Camera and Small Bag



Adjustable strap length::600-1150mm