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Photo Printing [AsviivsA - Eyesight] (Vertical) - Papery.Art
Photo Printing [AsviivsA - Eyesight] (Vertical) - Papery.Art
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Photo Printing [AsviivsA - Eyesight] (Vertical) - Papery.Art
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Photo Printing [AsviivsA - Eyesight] (Vertical) - Papery.Art

Photo Printing [AsviivsA - Eyesight] (Vertical)

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Wish to print your photos but too lazy to go out? We have a solution for you - PAPERY is now collaborating with Yum Me Print to bring you the most innovative photo with audio function. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the seamless photo printing experience with a click of the button!


1. Please click "Create your photo" to upload your photo and add it to cart

2. Pay the order

3. Receive your photo at your doorstep! 

Don't forget to scan the QR code printed on the photo and record your voice message with your smartphone!  You can play the audio anytime by scanning the QR code.




A feeling of being watched is there wherever we go. Is this security protection or freedom restriction? Using eye as the main element, together with the use of different color contrast techniques and multi-layered oil painting filtered effects, a unique virtual and real existence technique is created.


About Mountains and Seas Studio Company...

“We Create Our Own Style”

Mountain and Seas Studio (山海工房) is a cross-media project developer founded by the partnership of experienced artists in various fields. Pulling inspirations from the first Classical Mythology Text of the Ancient East, Shanhaijing (山海經), we use its Mountains, Rivers, Seas, Beasts, Mythical Worships and Witchcrafts to convey the brand belief of persistence, the visual impact of dark and magical color contrast, and the aesthetic appearance of sexy and seductive silhouette. Integrating ancient and modern cultures of China and countries around the world, we bring out unique, playful matching style and individualistic nature of the brand, creating a new generation of disruptive and non-traditional real and virtue design and fashion brand.

About AsviivsA Hong Kong...

An Artist, Entrepreneur, and American culture lover, AsviivsA was first exposed to hip-hop music and art culture in the millennium during his study in Los Angeles, where he graduated from the world-renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) with a degree in art and fashion design. Working extensively in the clothing and art industry in the United States, China and Hong Kong, he once painted giant graffiti works for the X-Game Vision X project in Hong Kong. Combining inspirations from Shanhaijing with his own creativity, adding personal favorite anime characters, incorporating the concept of clothing design, AsviivsA redefines the new artistic style where East meets West.


Size: 4R


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